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Quick diagnosis and no hidden costs!

We repair all types of cellphones and tablets!

We are able to provide you with the service you need. Do you think there’s nothing more to do with your cell phone, that it’s good for the trash? Come see us, we will be able to give you the exact information. Our experienced and qualified technicians will restore your phones and tablets to their original condition.

After thousands of successful, hassle-free repairs, you can rely on our know-how!

At Cell-911 Inc all our repairs come with a written warranty

At Cell-911 all our repairs are accompanied by a written warranty, parts and labor, valid for 90 days except for the original screens, they are covered for a period of one year. It is sent to you automatically with your invoice. You will leave our workshop with peace of mind knowing that you have entrusted your device to a well-established company that will still be there when needed. 

Following liquid infiltration, a deep deoxidation can often be necessary in order to restore the original efficiency of your device. From $ 59 + tx we will decontaminate all the parts and connectors of your phone. This 24/48 hour process will remove all water residues and most of the corrosion. It is advisable to act as quickly as possible to avoid irreversible damage. Do not wait!
Free diagnostic

Our estimates are fast and there are no hidden costs. There is no obligation to carry out a repair. In addition, if we are unable to repair your phone, you will not be charged any costs, except for deoxidation *.
For temporary or permanent troubleshooting, save money with one of our used cellphones for sale. As well as costing you a lot less than a brand new phone, it promotes recovery by giving them a second use.
Most of the cellphones we sell in stores are unlocked for worldwide use.
A 60-day warranty also comes with any purchase of occasional or refurbished cellphones.


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Save money with one of our used cellphones for sale.

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