Cell-911 offers a 90-day warranty including parts and labor on repairs made. If a replaced part is defective, it will be replaced free of charge. This change does not extend the warranty of your replaced part. The labor costs will start only after having diagnosed your device. If the latter differs from the one announced, we will send you a new diagnosis as well as a new deadline. Generic screens are guaranteed for 90 days. However, all original (OEM) screens are covered for a period of 1 year. The warranty does not cover devices that have suffered physical damage and / or liquid damage. Devices that have been opened other than by Cell-911 Inc. are also not covered by warranty. Any owner who brings us a device that has already been dismantled is not covered by the warranty because of the tests that we cannot do before the repair and because the device has not been dismantled by our technicians

In the event that a refund is granted for a repair, labor charges of $ 49.99, plus taxes, are non-refundable. In the event that the repair costs are less than $ 49.99, the labor costs invoiced will be $ 24.99 This same amount will be invoiced if a customer decides not to have his device repaired once the repair work has started. . Any refund will be applied to the original method of payment without exception.

New devices or occasional-use devices purchased from Cell-911 are guaranteed for 60 days, however some new devices are guaranteed for 1 year. Within your warranty period, devices with occasional use will be repaired. If we cannot repair them or if they are not to customer satisfaction, they are one-time redeemable. However, they are not refundable. Possibility of additional fees when exchanging a device. The warranty for phones does not cover devices that have been opened by someone other than a Cell-911 Inc. employee, that have suffered physical damage or liquid damage.

We take full responsibility for devices repaired by Cell-911. If an accident occurs during the repair of a device, we undertake to replace the part if it is replaceable, in the event that it is not replaceable, we offer the customer a device of equivalent or superior quality to our costs. Cell-911 will contact all customers before making a repair. No hidden costs.

We only guarantee parts from Cell-911 Inc. We do not guarantee parts that we have not replaced. A device opened by another person or company than our specialized technicians is no longer covered by our warranty. Before repairing, we test the basic functionality of the devices. A device which cannot be tested, and for which it would be impossible to measure the function, is not guaranteed. It may require further repair or may retain sequelae for which Cell-911 cannot be held responsible.

Electronic accessories or charging accessories are guaranteed for 30 days. Only defective accessories are exchangeable, but not refundable. Cell-911 does not cover devices that have suffered liquid damage or physical damage. All other accessories purchased are final sales. They are neither refundable nor exchangeable. However, we only offer a $ 10.00 store credit if the invoice is over $ 14.99, to provide a possibility for our customers.

Cell-911 Inc. is committed to using its best possible means to repair your device. Estimates are always free, except for those involving devices damaged by liquid. A charge of $ 59.99 is applicable to carry out the deoxidation. In addition, in some cases, there may be a fee of $ 34.99 for certain documents requested by insurance. We do not guarantee a device for which we have not been able to test all functionality before repair, due to its current damage. We are not able to guarantee the perfect functioning of the device after repairs, or even if the device will require additional repairs. Disassembled devices that require repair are not covered by the warranty.

Any device that has been repaired or opened, suffered physical breakage, or liquid damage is generally not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, although your warranty is still available. It is the responsibility of the owner of the device to carry out the checks to this effect. Cell-911 Inc. is in no way affiliated with the manufacturers warranty. Unclaimed devices and unanswered cases after 60 consecutive days will be automatically recycled.

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